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Albums of the 2000's that I have.

This list is music only. Star means I got it on or around the time of its release.

This is mostly to help me pick best of the '00sCollapse )

Best Songs That Go Together!

These are songs where they are played together so often, that if you hear one without the other it just feels WRONG.

Feelin' That Way/Anytime - Journey
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'/City of the Angels - Journey
Travelin' Man/Beautiful Loser - Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (off Live Bullet)
Heartbreaker/Livin' Lovin' Maid - Led Zeppelin
Long Distance Runaround/The Fish - Yes
Brain Damage/Eclipse - Pink Floyd
We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions - Queen

I feel like there should be more.

Good old-fashioned survey

This bubbled up on my Tumblr dash but I thought it belonged here instead of there.

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below). Really, don’t read the questions below until you pick your ten artists!!!

1. Yes
2. Rush
3. The Mars Volta
4. Steely Dan
5. Fu Manchu
6. Beastie Boys
7. Talking Heads
8. Genesis
9. Journey
10. Electric Light Orchestra


For Immediate Release: New Catsong

(To the tune of Devo's "Beautiful World")

There's a beautiful lump on my bed
An orange and white stripey girl
Beautiful ears upon her head
Breathing to show that she's not dead
She's a beautiful lump.

Vinyl Wishlist

Today I went through and cataloged my collection of vinyl records. I have them organized by General Rock/Pop, Progressive, Yacht Rock, Easy Listening/Jazz, Comedy, and Novelty/Kitsch. I have a handful of things that I just want to listen through once, and then I'll use them for crafts. There are some other records (such as Night Ranger) where I've only heard one song off the album and I'm just curious to hear what the rest of it sounds like.

So of course, since I've just been over and over what I HAVE, the only logical conclusion is, find out what else I want to GET. Here are a few vinyl wishes that would make me very happy if they were fulfilled.

1.) The Japanese pressing of the triple-live Yessongs, with the multiple sleeves that turned like pages in a book, instead of folding out like the versions from other lands. I actually own this, and it's totally awesome, except that the second disc is missing! Someone helpfully put in another of the first disc (from a regular old American pressing). When I bought it, I paid $12.99 from a record shop in Campustown, Ames. This was just about the first record I bought, and at the time I had no idea about "Japanese pressings," but oddly enough neither did I think 13 bucks was unreasonable for a record, especially one with a ring on the front cover. Later on, of course, I found out what I actually had purchased, but then I was extra angry that I had the wrong configuration of discs. It would be ideal if somehow the universe could send me the second LP from my set that I am missing, but since that is unlikely to happen, I'll just have to get a whole new set.

2.) To complete my Yes collection, I still need Big Generator (should be easy to find) and Union (only on LP in the UK). Technically I should get Yesterdays, but the urinating blue children on the cover gross me out. I guess even Roger Dean has an artistic misstep now and then.

3.) Also, to complete my collection of Yes solo albums from 1976, I need Patrick Moraz's "Story of 'i'." I have another one of his, and I'm pretty sure if I keep looking I'll find the one I want. If not, it seems like there's plenty on ebay.

4.) Older Gentle Giant stuff. When I was in my heyday of ICQ, I had a friend Adam who would recommend other prog stuffs to check out. Well he told me to look for Gentle Giant, but I've only found their later stuff. Ideally I'd like to find the UK pressing of Octopus with the Roger Dean cover. Also: Three Friends, Acquiring the Taste (again, attempting to look past the album art).

5.) The debut Rush album. Probably hard to find, but it's gotta be out there. Also I'd like a mint or near-mint 2112.

6.) Shout at the Devil, just because according to Fargo Rock City, if you hold it at an angle you can see a pentagram, otherwise it just looks plain black. I mean, "none more black." Not a re-issue plskthx.

7.) Any other Fu Manchu. I have Return to Earth in gold vinyl (so boss) and California Crossing already. I know they have a few more than that.

Good thing I'm going to Omaha in two weeks!!!

Not just a cereal

This morning, I woke up and wanted to hear "Life in a Northen Town" by the Dream Academy. So I fired up mt iTunes and played it, and it made me happy. Then "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane came on, so I just let it roll.

Three songs later, I have confirmed that while Chicken Lady loves life, Rach loves songs about life. Whoda tunkit, right? "Life on Mars" by David Bowie, "Life Tips," a comedy track off Doug Benson's Professional Humoredian, and "Life's Been Good" by Joe Walsh. Talk Talk's "Life's What You Make It" just came up. Maybe not as awesome as those first five, but still a good song, and a great pick for the Vice City soundtrack.

Now I'm off to make a smart playlist so I can find all the Life songs.

Reposted Pedantery

originally posted on my Tumblr

(Pushes up giant Trevor Horn-style glasses, takes a deep breath)

Look. I love HolyHairBands as much as the next rock fan. I’m cool with them stretching the boundaries of what a hair band means. Truth be told, I like ’70s AOR (Journey, Speedwagon, et al) more than ’80s hair metal anyway. Yes as a hair band? Why not. They had hair, right?

I’m even down with labeling “Owner of a Lonely Heart” as a progressive track. That’s the genre I have it listed under in my own iTunes. Best? Um, no. But we’ll just say they were applying the phrase “Progressive rock at its best” to the band in general, and not that specific tune. I’ll even go the extra mile and say maybe they tried to post up a song like “Heart of the Sunrise” but the filesize was too large.

What I cannot let go unremarked upon, however, is the photo selection. I enjoy HolyHairBands’s style: post a song from a band, and then a photo of that band. If it was all of one or the other, it would get boring. The photo isn’t bad; actually I think it is a rather cute shot of the Drama-era lineup. I’m alway in favor of more shots of tiny, adorable guitar genius Steve Howe on my dash. I even Liked it, as you can see.

The problem is that “Owner” is from a different album, 90125, with an almost completely different lineup. Only two people in the picture above played on both albums, #2 Alan White and #4 Chris Squire. Steve Howe would throw a tiny guitar man fit upon being linked to anything off 90125. In concert, he actually leaves the stage when they play this song.

SO: thanks to HHB for the music, match your pictures to your songs.

BONUS: Pitchfork reviews TYA through 90125.


The other night I was listening to two songs called "Somewhere Out There" -- one by Canadian alt-rockers Our Lady Peace, and one by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram from that movie about cartoon mice coming to Amedica. BOTH OF THEM WERE MAKING ME CRY LIKE A DAMN BABY.

I went on iTunes to see if they had the Ronstadt/Ingram tune (album only! curses!) and saw that Mr. John Tesh had done a cover of the song. I clicked through to the album to find out that he had a whole CD of these covers, under the name "Pure Movies." "I must have this album, through semi-legitimate means" I thought, and went off to search pldminfo for captain Frankenstein Pianoman himself.

Turns out, they had Pure Movies one and TWO so I quickly put them both on hold. I've got them on my iTunes now (heads up, Simplify users!) and listened a little last night before going to bed, and this morning so far on the bus & at work. There are a few songs on there that were instrumental already, but basically he's taken dumb, safe Lite 104 music, and made it dumber and safer.

I just like them because there's no vocals, and they allow me to remember my younger days as a piano dork, trying to play pop hits. And because it could lead to a conversation like this.

"What are you listening to?"

"Oh, 'Against All Odds,' 'You'll Be In My Heart.'"

"Phil Collins? Really? Ick."

"Nononono, don't worry, not Phil Collins. I'm listening to John Tesh."

(You should imagine that anecdote as sounding like Eugene Mirman describing Teen Wolf - I'm not gay, I'm a wolf!)

The best thing about all this, is that I got a good look at a picture of John Tesh for the first time in a while, via the CD cover, and realized that he looks a lot like my friend Dustin. Dustin is also tall, blonde, and sweet yet vaguely menacing. And his wife is a hotshot piano teacher over in Waukee (who he met when he went to her piano studio to take lessons....true story) So it was pretty much his destiny.


So I was listening to my dork jams (Christopher Cross's "Ride Like the Wind") and I got a call from ZZZ Records saying I won a door prize from the drawing on Record Store Day! How cool is that? $10 gift cert, and either a t-shirt or some singles, he said. So exciting.